Radicalizing America

To the editor:

The American Experiment took almost 250 years to mature. It has taken less than eight years to destabilize: largely because the internet enables psychotics to seek purpose from the global population of psychotics. Imagine if Bill Ayers and Ted Kyzinski had had access to the internet.

For the rest of us, professional politicians choose words carefully. For example, most Americans see themselves as moderate or conservative. Professional politicians use “progressive” instead of “liberal” to hide an agenda that is as old as Karl Marx and as progressive as Venezuela. There is nothing progressive about failed solutions.

With the exception of ISIS, no group has been more successful in using the internet to sow seeds of anarchy than MoveOn.org. Their success in raising money for Barrack Obama and Bernie Sanders is as remarkable as it is chilling creating a cult Hillary Clinton will embrace at the DNC.

Not since Gettysburg has the nation’s endurance been tested. What the internet has sown, we will reap in November choosing between a buffoon and an anarchist to pick the bones of the Republic. God bless America. Who else can we trust?

Joe Exum

Snow Hill

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