Searching for a job

In a small town, there are few jobs available. Although unemployed people continue to look for job opportunities in surrounding locations, it is often harder than originally thought.

Without a degree, finding a job is virtually impossible, and even with a degree it is difficult to find a starting job. The job that you planned on having since you were a child and throughout college might not end up to be the job you receive.

Deciding what you want to write on your resume is a long and strenuous task. Many people who come in contact with this task can’t come up with a plausible response to questions about themselves. What should you say to a business or company to promote yourself as an employee?

When applying to a pizzeria, what must you say about yourself to credit yourself as an employee for that pizzeria? What about yourself makes you who you are, or what makes yourself a good employee? Does your love of pizza qualify as a reason for you to be hired? Is it because you want to see the joy on customers faces? Is it the feeling of accomplishment when you create a meal for a family? What makes you a good employee? How can you tell a company about yourself in only a few words?

Annie Blakeley will be attending Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.

Annie Blakely

Contributing Columnist


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