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New eatery to hire 10

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ROCKINGHAM — Roughly six months before it serves its first sandwich, The Villager Deli is hiring.The multipurpose building that will house the new downtown restaurant is still under construction, but owner Koley Keel, who operates the original Villager Deli in Pinehurst, said there’s no time like the present to start staffing.“My goal is to hire local people,” Keel said. “I believe in investing in my team members and the success of the business depends on attracting and keeping good employees for a long time.”


Richmond cuts down Pine Forest

FAYETTEVILLE — Sergio Chaparro scored two goals as the Richmond Senior boys soccer team remained undefeated this season.Chaparro netted both of his goals in the first half as Richmond posted a 5-2 victory over Pine Forest Wednesday night. The game was originally scheduled for Raider Stadium, but preparations for the upcoming football season forced the change in venue.“We dominated the first half and led 4-2 at halftime,” Richmond coach Bennie Howard sai...

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Previewing the SEC: Scots try to stay on top without Ratliffe

LAURINBURG — After losing in the 4A championship game to Dudley last season, experts across the state pegged Scotland as the team to beat this year.Things changed days before the first official practice when starting quarterback and Georgia Tech verbal commitment Jaylend Ratliffe suffered a head injury while riding an ATV. Ratliffe has been recovering at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte since the accident.Scotland coach Richard Bailey said even though his team...

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OUR VIEW: Homelessness calls for grace

We say it before meals, sing about it in church and associate it with a ballerina’s bearing and poise. But what does grace really mean to us in Richmond County?Merriam-Webster’s defines grace as “disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy or clemency.” It’s a word with spiritual and temporal connotations, and both are evident at The Place of Grace, a fledgling tent city for homeless Richmond County men and women.Mark Joplin, ...

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LETTER: Voters’ will on same-sex marriage ignored

To the editor:This letter is in reference to the article “Gay marriage ban on shaky ground,” which appeared in the paper on Tuesday, Aug. 12. What good is it for us to go to the polls and vote if our vote is going to be overturned by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia, which is the appellate court which has jurisdiction over North Carolina?Also. our state attorney general, Roy Cooper, has said he would not defend the constitution...

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LETTER: Less demand for meat means less pollution

To the editor:The drinking water of 400,000 Toledo residents was recently fouled by animal waste. With unfettered growth of animal agriculture and ineffective discharge regulations, it will happen again in our own state. The problem has become pervasive.Waste from chicken farms has rendered ocean off the East Coast unfit for fishing. Waste from Midwest cattle ranches carried by Mississippi River has created a permanent “dead zone” in the Gulf...

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LETTER: Obama deserves credit, not blame, for health care

To the editor:I applaud the July 17 response letter by Douglas Smith titled “Boyhood stories shine, but Obama-bashing gets old” in response to a column written by Robert Lee. I will be residing here for the next eight to 10 months taking care of a business venture. I have been reading the Daily Journal each day, and 99 percent of the news and opinions about the president have been negative. What ever happened to fair and balanced?

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LETTER: When will Congress stop robbing retirees?

To the editor:Congress demonstrated its callous disregard for retirement security by supporting laws to fund highway projects on the backs of retirees through an accounting trick known as “pension smoothing” in July. Sen. Kay Hagan voted for Amendment 3583 to strip this smoothing out of HR 5021, but Rep. Virginia Foxx voted to keep it in.

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LETTER: Lawmen deserve gratitude for fugitive’s capture

To the editor:l would like to thank Sheriff James Clemmons and his department along with the law enforcement officers from the state, federal agencies and surrounding counties for a job well done in the July 24 capture of fugitive John Adam Rillo.Our town and the surrounding communities were on edge for several days. l know that his family and everyone else is relieved that it ended with no casualties.Kenneth Broadway...

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Mini-library promotes love of reading

ROCKINGHAM — Dale and Susan Furr are the stewards of Richmond County’s first Little Free Library, but they say the book box is really a testament to the man who built it — and the dad who inspired him.Rob McCullough, a longtime friend of the Furrs, came across an article in the insert section of the Richmond County Daily Journal a few years ago about the Little Free Library movement and one day, offhandedly asked whether Susan had read it.“And she...

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Group recognizes Commissioner Thad Ussery

Richmond County Commissioner Thad Ussery was honored during the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners’ 107th annual conference, which was held Aug. 14-17 in Buncombe County.Ussery was one of six county commissioners recognized for achieving 20 years of service as a county commissioner. Ussery was first elected to the Richmond County Board of Commissioners in 1994, and he is seeking a sixth four-year term this November.“Getting re-elected is quite...

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Nonprofit to recognize drug prevention leader

ROCKINGHAM — A nonprofit alcohol and drug counseling center wants to recognize an individual who has worked to prevent drug abuse in Richmond, Anson, Hoke and Moore counties.Alcohol and Drug Services is accepting nominations for the Enrique Camarena Award. The honor is named for Enrique (Kiki) Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent who was tortured and killed in Mexico in 1985.Camarena believed that one person would make a difference. His sacrifice serve...

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College offers plumbing certification course

HAMLET — When people need plumbers, they usually need them urgently and are willing to pay the price for the work to be done. This dependency on the modern convenience of running water makes for excellent wages and job security in the plumbing profession, according to Richmond Community College.This fall, Richmond will offer the National Center for Construction and Education Research Level 1 plumbing program. Students will learn the basic skills needed to begin working in the...

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Police: Man stole school supplies

ROCKINGHAM — Police have accused a man of stealing school supplies and nearly causing a wreck with an officer’s car.Arrest warrants state 52-year-old Thomas Lee Smith carried off “an assortment school supplies” valued at $50.26 from Maxway Store No. 1408 on Tuesday.A Carline Street address, as well as “streets of Rockingham” is listed as Smith’s address on the warrant.According to the warrant, smith gave Patrolman Chri...

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First day for Richmond County students is Monday

Teachers all over Richmond County have been preparing their classrooms and their minds as students of all ages head back to school Monday.A tour around the county schools this week found everyone from principals to teachers to cafeteria and maintenance workers getting ready for the upcoming 2014-15 school year.Incoming seniors at Richmond Senior High School were in the school’s library on Tuesday getting their graduation pictures taken in tuxedos for the guys and g...

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Biofuels company eyes Richmond County

ROCKINGHAM — A Maryland-based biofuels company wants to build several new facilities in the region, including one in Richmond County.Enviva, a biomass fuel producer, has proposed the construction of wood-pellet plants in Richmond and Sampson counties, as well as one in South Carolina, the company said Monday.The three plants would export their product through a proposed terminal at the Port of Wilmington.The company says it is currently in the process of...

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Church offers homeless ‘place of grace’

ROCKINGHAM — Three months after the Baker House homeless shelter’s demolition, two Richmond County men have prepared a place where those in need can dwell in safety.A community kickoff and fundraiser is planned for Sept. 6 and will serve as a potluck, cookout and meet-and-greet to introduce The Place of Grace, a fledgling tent city outside Rockingham.The Rev. Gary Richardson of New Life Church at 525 Airport Road reached out to several agencies who advocate f...

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ISIS crisis calls for careful, strategic solutions

To the editor:When ISIS and its radicals bring their war on Christians to our shores, as Robert Lee warns us in his Aug. 16-17 piece, given his determination, training and access to ammo and firearms, I doubt you could find a better man to share your foxhole than he. Before these radicals come ashore in their ubiquitous, combat-ready pickup trucks, though, let’s take a look at the situation.

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