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Defying terrorists with a new limb, renewed hope

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I first saw fear in a mother’s face in Belfast. Her daughter’s school was next door to a building that had just been fire-bombed by terrorists. The children had been evacuated just in the nick of time, but the mother’s voice, even her hands, still quivered as she recounted the close call to me.But I saw strength in another mother’s face when she was interviewed in Boston in the aftermath of the Marathon bombing last year. When I recently talked to that mother — Kris Biagiotti—I heard even stronger resolve in her voice as she spoke of handicapped children and how hospitals, firemen, and people like you and me can help them. And defy terrorists.


Raiders look to inch closer to title

ROCKINGHAM — Over the last three years, Richmond Senior has posted records of 9-5-1, 14-1 and 11-4 in its first 15 games.The biggest difference is where the Raiders were in the Southeastern Conference standings at that point in the season.Richmond was in first with a 4-0 mark last year. In 2011, Richmond was 3-2 and sitting in third behind Scotland and Pinecrest.And now Richmond is 5-1 and sitting atop the SEC with both Lumberton and Pinecrest trailing b...

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Strength in their power

ROCKINGHAM — Before the season started, Richmond softball coach Wendy Wallace believed her team could hit.She just didn’t realize the power surge that would come along with all the offense. The Raiders have launched 14 home runs this season, a record for a Wallace-coached team.Junior Chelsea Davis leads the squad with six homers and senior Hunter Parks has four. Seniors Ashton Davenport, Jennifer Steen and Jessica Steen as well as junior Jordan Richardson eac...

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‘I couldn’t believe it happened again’

RED SPRINGS — When Army Specialist Ivan Lopez opened fire at Fort Hood earlier this month, killing three soldiers and injuring 16 others, it was news around the world.For Flora Macdonald Academy volunteer and Richmond County native Alonzo Lunsford, the April 2 shooting was more than a headline — it was tragic reminder of what he endured during the first massacre at the same Army base more than four years ago.“I couldn’t believe it happened again,&...

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First impression: Pa. teacher-recruits travel Hitchcock Creek

ROCKINGHAM — Richmond County sure knows how to make a good first impression.Rockingham Middle School Principal Julian Carter coordinated approximately two dozen fellow educators and administrators in kayaks, canoes and on bellyaks down the 3.67-mile stretch of Hitchcock Creek, from Roberdel to the Steele Street access point. Among the paddlers were two Shippensburg (Pa.) University students who, next month, will be newly credentialed teachers looking for jobs.Carte...

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Fidelity Bank not taking challenge sitting down

When one pictures a banker’s job, it’s usually a thought of them sitting down for the majority of the day in front of a desk or teller’s window.That may be true, but the 10 members of Fidelity’s three Richmond County branches’ RichmondFit team have logged quite a few miles on their feet.In March, Fidelity Bank signed up for RichmondFit, a workplace wellness competition launched by the First in Health Richmond County 2020 Task Force....

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Lopez: Golden Egg hunt ‘quite an adventure’

If nothing else, this year’s hunt for the Golden Egg shows that Judy Cagle has a spirit of adventure.Victoria Lopez, 20, of Rockingham, won the $500 prize when she found the egg Friday afternoon on Cagel Grave Road, located off Grassy Island Road on the outskirts of Ellerbe. While the Golden Football was found last fall after seven of 12 possible clues had been published, it took nine clues to lead Lopez to the Golden Egg. Lucky for her, it took everyone else more than that....

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3.67 miles of team building

Saturday’s coverage for Richmond County Daily Journal staff proved that work doesn’t always have to seem like — well, work.Rockingham Middle School Principal Julian Carter showed that the field of education, too, can be something other than “all work and no play.” Carter, through Mari Bennett and staff at LMO Paradise Rentals, led some two dozen fellow administrators and teachers along the 3.67-mile stretch of Hitchcock Creek from Roberdel access point...

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Richmond slips past Swett behind McFayden

PEMBROKE — Cassie McFayden scored two goals to lead Richmond Senior girls soccer team to something it hasn’t accomplished this season.Winning back to back games.Richmond improved to 4-9-1 on the season and 2-5 in the Southeastern Conference with its 3-1 victory over Purnell Swett Monday night.“We didn’t play very well at times,” Richmond coach Bennie Howard said. “We were fortunate to get out of Big Mo with a win on Senior N...

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Pinehurst unveils ‘new’ course

This isn’t going to be Payne Stewart’s or Michael Campbell’s Pinehurst No. 2 when the U.S. Open returns to the course that played host to the 1999 and 2005 championships.Instead, it is going to be the one Denny Shute tamed to win the first of his consecutive PGA crowns.Who is Denny Shute, you ask? He is the winner of the 1936 PGA Championship.Shute would probably be pleased to grab his hickory-shaft driver and take a run at Phil Mickelson or ...

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New vision, life for Ellerbe Springs inn and campground

ELLERBE — Life has been stirring at the Ellerbe Springs Inn.After being on the housing market for a year and a half, the famous local inn that sits on 43 acres has been sold to a Maryland couple for $450,000.Mark and Donna Bucheridge currently work at a retirement community in Silver Spring, but have been in search for a good campground facility to start a new chapter in their lives. They fell in love with Ellerbe along the way. When Mark and Donna look at the inn,...

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ROCKINGHAM — Every small southern town with a little bit of history has its ghosts.In many cases the towns themselves are what haunt people with their abandoned buildings and crumbling facades. Memories of better times and long gone places brush the edges of the mind like an early autumn wind announcing the cold to come before retreating like waves into the greater body of fluid consciousness where they are lost.

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Stop for school buses - it’s the law

ROCKINGHAM — First a gray Toyota sedan. Then a black Chevrolet SUV, followed by a white Eagle Talon sedan.Each of these vehicles passed Bus 203 as it was stopped, emergency lights flashing, stop sign and arm extended to the side and front, to allow children to disembark to Little Kingdom Child Care. Each of these drivers broke the law, and two others before them — a white Ford sedan and a green Chevrolet pick-up truck — stretched it as far as possible as they, too...

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Pig virus drives bacon prices up

Bacon prices are on the rise in grocery stores in Richmond County and across the country. An anticipated shortfall in pork production is driving the price hikes, and the reason for that shortfall is America’s first encounter with a swine virus believed to have originated in China.The virus has not been found in Richmond County, but officials report that the deadly virus has been killing newborn pigs in 27 states, including North Carolina, for 11 months. The North Carolina Dep...

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Preslar: Communication could be better

The frequent use of executive, or closed-door, sessions by new members of the Hamlet City Council has been noticed and questioned by a longtime council member.Four such sessions have been held during the past five public meetings to discuss various matters that require a closed session. However, communication and transparency isn’t all it could be, Councilman Pat Preslar said.

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Supporting our troops

Submitted photoLibrarian Shannon Hearne of Kemp Memorial Library in Ellerbe would like to thank everyone who donated generously to ‘Help Support Our Troops’. Thank you for filling the box mailed to the 1/508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division currently serving in Afghanistan.

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Marketing lessons from God

Next week, Jews all over the world, including me, will celebrate Passover. While it’s the holiday marking our Exodus from Egypt, it also may be the longest-running marketing campaign ever. It’s got every single element the advertising industry ever eventually dreamed up, starting with:1) A tag line. “Let my people go.”2) A jingle. See above. Powerful song. More anciently, we also sing a ditty called “Dayenu,” which is Hebrew for “...

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A good trip home

To the editor:What could have been a very unpleasant experience turned out not to be so bad and I would like to publicly thank the people that helped my husband and me.I lived most of my life in Rockingham and still visit often and love the people here. While in town on Friday afternoon conducting some business we had done some work at my mothers home and decided to go out for dinner at about five o’clock and found that our car would not shift into gear. Stranded w...

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