LETTER: I’m paying for all rides

To the editor:

I will pay for all those traitors some sort of a ride out of America. All of those that will not stand in respect for our national anthem and surely those that do not like the idea of a President Trump.

All of those people hate everything that America stands for, past and present. America has always been here for their sorry tails and now they want to turn against her.

All the freedoms and free stuff they have been given has filled them all full of hate.

We must not let them have their way to turn America into another communist country. That is what Obama wants and that is what Hillary Clinton wants. Now, how can those two have so much disrespect for a country that has given them so much?

I will answer that question myself: Because they have so much power they have stolen from America. Now they want even more power to rule America with an iron fist.

We must not let them disarm us. We must vote for Trump.

Fred Caudle


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