LETTER: Politicians can’t solve problems

To the editor:

It seems like too many bad things are happening in American and the world today. Many people blame our president, our Supreme Court and the lawmakers in D.C.

Don’t look for the next leader to solve the problems. No one in the news with all their promises will do that — no more than they can stop the floods, forest fires, storms, new diseases, bad food, water and air. That would take a miracle worker.

It is sad that you are judged by skin color, religion, your past, how rich or poor you are. Especially when most want love, peace and to try to live by the “Golden Rule.”

The devil from Hell knows his time is short and he is working hard and fast to destroy as many souls and things as he can. Our country and other nations. The church today is his main target. He don’t want preachers talking to unsaved people about John 3:16 or Romans 10:9-10.

Christians need to pray for God’s mercy for things we allow because the law says it is OK to kill unborn babies, gay pride, and if it feels good, do it!

God help us to live for him the best we can. He knows what a great sinner I use to be. I promise him I’m not like that anymore and he helps me daily to fight severe PTSD.

Only with Jesus can I love, help, pray and care about others like he wants us to do.

Put yourself in the shoes of those we don’t take time for. Let you life be a light to shine the love of God. We are for no other purpose.

Joe Lyerly


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