LETTER: Please make more robot bombs

To the editor:

Look, we have all seen this coming for many years. The people in this country that want everything for free without any obligation to work for it now want to take America over.

They want power over the ones that work and live every day by the laws of our land. These people want the rest of us under their feet.

In this day and time, they want to kill our brave law enforcement officers. That is if they can find a place to hide and do their shooting because they are such cowards.

These people cannot stand the very thought of law and order.

Everything has been given to them for free. And that only made them meaner and meaner.

I cannot understand to my soul why a young person with everything to live for, they have good jobs, they have nice cars and homes, and then throw everything away to kill our law enforcement officers.

I believe to my soul they have been spoiled by everything being given to them. I think they were raised to hate people of a race different from them. This hate today is bringing America down.

So keep those robots coming. The rest of us must stand with our law enforcement.

Fred S. Caudle


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