LETTER: Kudos to Duke Power

To the editor:

On July 9, a storm came through our town with furor. It blew the electrical power right before the end of a Hallmark movie. From then on, for me, it was trying to acclimate myself to the life of my ancestors.

I spent one night in a sweaty sleep, a morning with no coffee, a day of switching on switches with no results, and a wasted day of Saturday chores.

I listened to the power of saws from about 6 a.m. in my neighborhood for at least 1 ½ hours, thinking every minute I’d have power. But then all was over, and still no power.


After increased frustration of trying to get results from Duke Power on my cellphone from canned responses, I was ready to pop. With a night out with friends in the horizon and no hair dryer — need I say more?

Then we rode around the area midday investigating what hadn’t been done and what wasn’t doing and I was wondering, “How come?”

Then after more calls and referrals to computer websites which I couldn’t get because of no power, we rode around again just before our night out.

Amazing discovery: There were men out with trucks and cherry pickers, etc. everywhere. They had chainsawed a huge alley through the dense forest to get to the electrical poles in the morning and at the end of the non-working day (Saturday), they were hard at work installing the many wires for electrical power for us.

As I was complaining about sitting around sweating with no air conditioning, they had been hard at work outside in the unbearable heat so we could have power. We stopped to proclaim kudos to the guys working hard with heavy clothes and hardhats on. How they did it in the heat index of about 105 (degrees), I don’t know.

A lesson learned: We have amazing folks in this comparatively small community. We have no protesters. We have no animosity. We say, “Good morning,” to folks we see out and about without even knowing them. We have a great police force, EMS, etc. We have dedicated workers like the Duke Power guys.

Everyone should learn lessons from Rockingham, N.C.: Red, yellow, black or white, we are all precious in his sight.

Kudos to Rockingham, and especially today, to the Duke Power guys.

Carol Wilburn


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