A convenient play on words

Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

Fifty-five percent of the American people could really give a damn about the current condition of the world. Reason being: their bellies are full and most of them had to do nothing to achieve this. They don’t work, they live off of the government. This person is a slave to the government and does not even know it. Sad thing, more than half of this number could give a damn so long as the check comes in every month.

This group does not include the disabled, children or the retired workers for they deserve compensation. This group will ride the wagon train until there are no more free rides. As we all know, nothing last forever. I love how our government and all of its politicians have been schooled on how to develop a convenient play on words.

The definition of a democracy is: “a government in which the people hold the ruling power, usually giving it over to representatives whom they elect to make the laws and run the government.” This can include a state or a country.

That’s easy enough to understand for those that care to understand.

Another important definition is the word republic: “a state or country in which the voters elect representatives to make the laws and run the government.” All of my adult life — from the time I could, and wanted to, understand politics — I have been told that we lived in a “republic.”

Even the media hierarchy Ted Koppel would tell you this . He did so in an interview with Fox News on June 27. I know how to decipher the words in both of these definitions. I also know that there will be others that will read these words and come up with their own definition. Go to Webster’s Dictionary and read it for yourself. The words are the same just in a different order.

That’s another plate of B.S. the ruling class wish to have you feed upon. I have another definition.

Dictator: “A ruler who has complete power over his country and people, any person with much power, whose word is obeyed.”

I know you do not want to believe it ,but we do not live under a democracy or a republic. We live under a dictatorship. Before you have a fit please let me explain.

“We the people.” We don’t vote any one into office. It’s all about the delegates and the electorate.

The electoral college: “A group of persons elected by the voters to chose the president and vice- president of the United States.” Each elector is expected to vote for the candidates who won the election in his state. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to work, but don’t count on it all the time.

Now to the dictatorship. I do not call Obama a dictator. The dictators that I refer to are many in number. We do not live under one dictator, we live under roughly 545. The people that we voted into office was done so to let us think we have something to do with the future of our country. Nothing more than illusions that is what “We the people” are allowed to see.

We are made to think we mean something in the grand scheme of the running of this country. We do not. All we are is a pocket to be picked. A pocket to be plundered of it’s wealth. We the population of some 330,000,000 are truly enslaved to the master race of politicians of this country. If they are going to destroy us as a nation then let it happen. Tear it down raze it to the ground and rebuild it as our founding fathers stated it should be.

No one man should be in office for 30 or more years. The president can only have 2 four-year terms, so it should be the same for all government offices. As things age, sometimes they rot on the vine. The rot that is taking place in Washington has reached a smell that the American people can not tolerate any more.

Do I advocate revolution? I do with all of my heart and being. Do I advocate armed intervention within this revolution of the people — the voters — I most definitely do not. I defiantly call on all of the voters of this country to stand up and together for our future. Remove this trash that Congress has turned into. Send them home. Send them home with nothing more than the clothes that they have on their backs. Let them see the reality of the people. Let them see if from street level.

Sen. Chuck Shumer of New York stated a few years back, when he was trying to pass a bill to waste more of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money, that “The American people aren’t worried about a little pork.”

Not worried about a little pork? He didn’t ask me, he didn’t ask you. I would like to pork him in his damn arrogant face with a 30 pound ham and see if he really likes pork on his lapel. These people do not live in reality.

I am what Washington has created. I am a patriotic American that is fed up with the way that the elite want to run our America. I am damn-well pissed off. I am not the only one that feels this way. This is not the America that I was born to . This is nothing more than a pale view of what we once were. I want my America back. I want America to be proud of our politicians and leaders. That day will only come when they all — all 545 of them — realize that they work for us. We do not labor and sweat for these in office. Be damned these people that would take from the working man and woman and just throw our America to the rest of the world to feed upon us. Damn them all to Hell.

I am one of the calm ones. There are others that want the streets to burn with these destroyers of America. To wish for open war is a fool’s thought. We can talk our way through this episode in America’s history and vote our way through it. But that day will only come when our vote really counts.

Then again, we can also see it lost to history. Lost to history because we watched and did nothing for the future of our children. The future is not written in stone. The future is for us all to take a part in making. Either for the good or bad. It’s all up to us as the people standing together as one and telling Washington, “No more, no more.”

I again caution these people that would look down upon the working man and woman as no more than draft animals to do their labor for them. A fine horse will at times throw it’s master. The ground is a very hard place to land.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.


Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist

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