The decay of the world’s resolve

Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

The “Great Elephants” of the world have allowed their great size and power of overwhelming force to cloud their visions of future security for their people. The arrogance of their past and present leadership has created a host of carnivorous vindictive factions that are running — as the tiny ant — all over their body. This tiny one has been placed at the bottom of the world’s humanity for many, many years. The outcast — ones used for their labor, ones used for their wealth. The west, in the tiny ones eyes, is to blame.

The “Western World” has, until the very recent past, had no idea what pain such a tiny force could exert. These tiny bites are as the razor blade, only a slight sting to the cut. But the wound is unimaginable in it’s severity. The wound that I talk about is the terror that is being unleashed upon the world . Terror so horrible that most people would never see such carnage even in their wildest nightmares. Roughly two years ago I was ridiculed and belittled for what horrors I wrote about that were to come to America and the world.

I was called “Chicken Little” because I thought “the sky was going to fall with terrorists.”

You damn well tell me now two years later, were my visions wrong?

I prayed to God that these truths would never come to pass, but the reality is here. It is here on our own doorsteps. To the nonbelievers I say this: This country is going to bleed more than Chicken Little could have ever envisioned. Again I pray that I have just lost my mind. Some do not believe that what takes place all around the world can ever happen here. It already has, just to a smaller degree compared to 911.These tiny bites of the tiny one stings with the venom of a thousand cobras. The venom is called terror.

Right here in Richmond County, I saw it for myself. No, there was no blood, but I saw the terror in the face of several of our residents. One was an employee of Walmart working in the pharmacy. I went there the Tuesday after the Orlando massacre of 49 people by a radicalized domestic terrorist. As I was getting my prescription, something on the aisle to the left of the window fell. It was quite heavy because as it hit the floor it crashed with a loud boom. The lady waiting on me dropped to her knees. This, in turn, had an effect on several others standing there, including myself. It only lasted a brief moment, but it had an effect. The lady in question stood up with a nervous smile and said “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous about what took place this past weekend.” Hundreds of miles away this massacre was, but it still effected people right here in our Richmond County. That is what terrorism is all about — scare the hell out of people — and it’s working. I know we can not live our daily lives in fear. There is no place we will ever be totally safe, but our leadership has to see past their own security and think about ours.

To pretend to know is a very common thing for children to do. It’s part of the can-do sprit. People around the world — or should I say, Leadership from around the world — may pretend too much today though, and that makes problems if you buy into the “Fanciful World” that does not exist today. What we are witness to is the decay of the world’s resolve to destroy our enemy.

I charge my own country and leadership with the failure of leadership. Be damned these leaders that have cursed the American people with hate and distrust. All because of putting their nose into other countries’ problems and making more problems for the world. When the U.S. steps in, we stay in. If not, then stay the hell out of problems if we are not going to stay for the long haul and victory over our enemies.

That current enemy is ISIS in the form of radicalized apocalyptic terrorists. Damn the leadership that can not call an enemy an enemy — especially after so many thousands of Americans have already been slaughtered by these cowardly bastards. But the blame does not go to just one administration. It goes back to Bill Clinton’s, but again it does not stop there. To hell with being the “shiny perfect people” that the world looks up to. We do not exist like that in the world’s eyes. We are “The Great Satan.” Once again, why step in if we are not going to defend with all of our power and military might. The world’s people see us as trouble — that makes things worse and will cut and run when the kitchen gets hot. That’s not the American people, that’s the damn politicians in Washington and the rest of the worlds politicians. “The Great Elephants of the World” have the power. The manpower is there. There is no true will of the world’s leadership to win this “World War” that we are now engaged in. The fools can not see that they are gambling with the world’s freedom and the lives of its people. Turn the “Great Elephant’s” foot into what it could be for the radical evil bastards. That being a death blow. Our own current government will tell you that this is not a war that can be won.

I’ll be damned. That is nothing more than a defeatist attitude. That is the attitude of a man that will not defend his own people, if we are his people. The cold, hard fact will continue to haunt the world’s population until some one steps in and is willing to take the fight to the enemy. A few weeks back, the powers that be bragged that we have had 16,000 bombing runs in the last 2 years. Well, praise be to this fact. More B.S. These numbers mean nothing . 16,000 flights might have went out but most came back with their bombs.

During the first Gulf war, there were up to 2,500 missions a day. So what’s wrong with the current numbers? That is nothing more than a half-ass effort to make the American people think that our leadership is doing their job. It looks more likely that they’re all there in Washington to just get fat off of the blood of the American people.

I have written it before and I will again. These people that we fight know that they are at war with the west. But the west sees it as just being a minor inconvenience that will go away in time. A few weeks back our Attorney General basically said if we were just nice to people and try to be much more understanding, then it will all go away. This statement goes back to another spokesperson for the White House who stated almost the same thing — if we get them jobs and understand them, that’s all it will take for the “boogieman to go away.” I hope she is the first person the “boogieman “ visits. Yep, give him a warm handshake and a welcoming smile and all will be well. Hell yeah. I could see that taking place in the movies but not in the real world. There is no mercy to be shown to the Infidel , the nonbeliever, from this part of the Islamic belief. The radical one, not the Muslin people. I am friends with Muslin people — they want what we want, nothing more than peace for their families. But there are others who will never have peace with the west.

What man with any heart at all would take a transfer truck and run down children in the streets? I can tell you: a man with the heart of a demon. A creature straight from the bowels of Hell with only one thought — kill as many people as he can. There can be but one sentence for this kind of people. That is death — death as soon as it can be given to him. No mercy, no chance at life. For the lives that have been taken in recent months is just a starting point that will not end until we end them — all of them. Pray to our God for leadership to take us away from this Hell on earth. Our faith and our war fighters are the only things that are going to stop these brutal massacres.

I want to leave you with one last very graphic though to ponder. When we capture an enemy combatant on the battle field he is shipped off to the prison at Gitmo. There he has air-conditioned rooms, movies, internet service. He also has a gym to play in. He gets food that is inline with the Muslim beliefs. He is living a better life there than he did while in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now on the politically correct side, in time you have the president release this terrorist so he can go back to the battlefield and kill more Americans. It happens more than the administration will honestly tell you.

Now I want to tell you what happens to our American troops. They get treated a little differently. When captured, this young American gets his fingers cut off. Then his ears, nose and his eyes are then cut out. All of this torture in taking place while he is still alive. He then has his head cut off. This is not immediately, it takes several minutes with a dull knife. Then to top it all off, his body is hung and burned.

Fallujah, Iraq, March 31, 2003. Look it up. I hope I have painted a picture in you mind that will never go away. This is our enemy. This is the enemy that your president wants you to be a little more understanding of . This is the enemy that your president wants you to be kind to and resettle him in our America. Do you now have a better picture of our enemy at the gate? You better.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist

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