The country grieves

Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

Today a sadness lives in the heart of the American people. Grief lives within us all today, it matters not what color you are.

I struggle to put words to paper. I have no understanding of the hate that fills the heart of men that stated that they wanted to kill just because of a color. The men that were killed, were killed by cowards. Cowards that would not face these officers of the law. Officers that were there in the streets to protect all, not just one color but all colors.

These officers had lives and families that now will never see their fathers come home. I also must say that the two black men that were killed this week had families also and I know that they are in pain from the loss. Their children will feel this loss forever — as will the children and families of the slain officers.

These days that we are living in are filled with the madness of hate. We are all human beings, why can we not live in peace with one another?

God looks down upon all of us today. I know that he cries for all of his children that have lost their lives. Why can we not learn to live in peace with one another? What is it going to take to bring us all together? How many lives will be lost before we will open up our eyes and see that we are not that much different from one another?

We cry for the dead, the hurt is unbelievable. We are all Americans, why can we not stand together and not be pulled apart? I will not on this day point a finger at anyone. I will say that it is up to our leadership to pull us together and not push us apart. This day has nothing to do with guns or politics. It is about the people . I know I keep on saying it, but the hurt that I feel I can not truly express at the moment. It is a pain of disbelief.

I have to ask one question of all of you: Who the Hell would want to be a law enforcement officer in this day and time ?

You tell me. Not I , for one. For what reason would anybody? Give me one good reason?

But let me tell you why: Pride.

That’s where we start. Pride in their community and wanting to live where they know you are safe. Soldiers at the gate. It’s nothing new, it goes back tens of thousands of years. A special man or woman throughout human history. Someone to watch your back. Someone on guard so you could sleep. Someone standing at the mouth of the cave with nothing more than a sharp stick. He still stood there to protect all that were not capable of defending themselves. Be they the young, old or physically impaired. He stood his ground.

These men have had to stand their ground. For if they had not, then all could be lost. The enemy at the gate shall not pass. Yes, our past is full of some type of law enforcement. Even primordial man had laws of man. Not in the same form as today, but still laws of right and wrong.

Before what we know today as true law enforcement, we had a type of law that was far more brutal then the laws of today. It was simple, yet effective. If you stole something , what hand that touched the stolen item was cut off. Look into the past, an eye for eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life. The laws of these times were harsh and to the point.

In Great Britain, you had debtors’ prison. If you could not pay your bills it was off to jail you went. Our past human experience has been unbelievable when it comes to the punishment of law breakers. Right or wrong, it did take place.

Now, in the days that we live in, crime has ran amok. Law enforcement does their job. They bring the criminal before the prosecutors. The prosecutors cut deals. Why? If the law states you get five years for the theft of a car, then you pull the five years, it’s that simple. But I guess it would be too simple to follow the letter of the law. If you are not going to follow the laws that we have passed then why have laws?

Our law enforcement officers of today are no different then the man who stood at the entrance of the cave — he was there to protect all. That officer is there to stand and protect. He stands there knowing that every day that he puts that uniform on, he just put a target on his back. Yet he does it day in and day out through out his career.

Again, why?

Because he has pride — pride in himself, pride in his community and pride in doing the right thing, that being his job of law enforcement. People need to take responsibility for their actions. But in this day and time, it is too easy to do the crime, then blame someone else or society. People know right from wrong, but some just don’t give a damn.

Take the thug that beats the 90-year-old World War II veteran to death, for the few dollars that he had in his pocket. It happened. Society’s excuse for the thug: He did not have a father at home. He might not have, but he had a mother — who did not take the time to discipline her child. She just let him run the streets like a wild animal. That’s no excuse at all.

Yes I said thug. Webster’s dictionary definition is as follows: A rough, violent criminal. This term has been used for decades. It has nothing to do with race, so get over it. Even Obama has used the term when talking about criminals, not black people. Stop throwing the race card out there.

Baltimore’s lead prosecutor (Marilyn Mosby) in the Gray case should not be allowed to prosecute the case. She has projected herself as being a politician, activist and nothing more. She has a conflict of interest within this case. That should not stand, it will not be fair to the officers involved .

What took place last year in Baltimore was just wrong. When you have the mayor of the city tell law enforcement (to) stand down (and) let them destroy what they will, the head that should roll for that statement should be hers to pay — along with the millions of dollars that were lost to this riot. That statement was just stupid. I watched the interview myself. I heard the words.

That city’s officials wanted to throw six officers under the bus. Why ? To save their own asses. It made me sick to hear the charges that were brought against these officers. There had been no trial. The evidence had not come to light . Yet these people that would riot and burn their own city have been allowed to find these officers guilty. This is the will of the people. These same people will burn Baltimore to the ground if they do not get their pound of flesh from these officers. If guilty, then punish them. Do not punish them before you know what you are talking about. It has been proven in court for several of them that they did nothing.

Do not punish law enforcement officers as a whole. There is no reason to riot in other cities because of what has taken place in Baltimore. This past year, in New York, one of their officers was fighting for his life. He was shot in the head , ambushed for nothing more than being an officer of the law. This young man’s face is that of all officers of the law from all over this country. This man is so young , but he wanted to help other people live a safe life. Only to be shot down by a lowlife punk thug. The only reason: he is an officer of the law.

So every night when you go to bed think about these officers that stand at the gate that watch over you and your children. It matters not what color you are, they are there for all of us and you know it. Pray for the officers in Dallas.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist

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