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Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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The great purge was a series of campaigns of political repression and persecution of the Soviet Unions oficer corps.

This all took place prior to the outbreak of World War II. Between the years of 1936-1938 Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator, destroyed his officer corp. The reason for this was that he did not like or trust his military. Had it not been for the fact that a few of his best and brightest officers, were not in-country during the purge we all would be speaking German at this time.

The administration that is in power at this moment in our history is repeating the crimes of Stalin. This administration is delusional at best for what they are doing with our military. In the past five years Obama has purged our officer corp. of over 200 officers. Sen. Clair McCaskill won’t pay her back taxes but she has helped push out several general officers. Why would any president want to cut up his general officer corps at a time of constant war?

It has come out in the media that Obama has claimed that Afghanistan was not his war. If he is the commander in chief, he is in charge of the war and it is his. He can push back, and claim all he wants to and say that it was Bush’s problem and not his. I beg to differ, this baby belongs to him and his administration after five years in office.

It has also come out that he has no faith or trust in his generals. You fight a war to win. If you can’t win a war then don’t get into a war. When Obama approved the serge of troops into Afghanistan, on that day the war belonged to him and his administration and no other.

We have an armature in office, that has no idea what our military is all about. So let our military do it’s job. You fight a war to defeat your enemy, you do not fight your own military to defeat it as Obama has tried. You stand by your military.

This administration has a talent for creating illusions that they think enhances their image only to be looked upon as being foolish at best. It’s challenging to maintain enthusiasm within your military. When you have the former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, writing a book that states Obama has no faith in his military or his own foreign policies. How can this be? Our so-called commander in chief has let down our military men and women.

When you say “I am or I have” what ever follows is a declaration with staying power. Perhaps the safest route is to say nothing at all. I killed Bin Laden, I have destroyed Al-Qaeda. These were claims that were brought to the world’s attention with no facts to back them up. Unwelcome developments within our officer corp. brought on by new revelations could be very unlucky for Obama in the end. Dangerous talk leads nowhere, as it causes people to feel defensive and closed.

This government is moving fast and handling what’s in front of it. To the innocent bystander this administration makes it look like they are making it up at the moment. What they don’t know is that it’s part of their grand plan. You see, one thing, what they want you to see, the grand illusions. With doubt of his own course and strategy, there is a lack of passion to win the war. He never gave Gen. McCrystal the number of troops that were needed. McCrystal asked for 80,000 and he only received 30,000.

Politicians should let the military be what they are, the military. Do not put our troops in harms way if you will not let them do their job. Their job is to kill the enemy, bottom line. The rules of engagement are up to the field commanders, not someone sitting in a soft chair.

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