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Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

Robert Lee
Robert Lee
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Obama has made himself look indecisive and shows America in a light of having no true leadership.

This administration is delirious at best. Its misguided policies around the world makes America appear weak to our enemies. This man drew his red line in the sand and now ignores it. The weakness and indecision he has shown with Syria has allowed Russia’s Putin to dangle a baited hook in front of Obama and he took it.

But in reality it was his life line. This administration was at the point of pushing America into another false war. There is no good reason, for at this point in the game Syria is of no direct threat to America. It is very sad that over 1,400 Syrians were killed in the gas attack of Aug. 21, 2013 (and more than 400 children died)

But, please tell me why these 140 lives are more precious than the 115,000 that have been massacred in the past 30 months. I understand the horror of the gas attack. But do you think that the mother and her children that were disintegrated in the artillery attacks died with less horror? This has happened over and over in the past 30 months. But now, the gas attack is a good reason to go to war. Our enemy is killing our enemy, so let them pop as many cap’s as they want.

It’s a great day when one radical Muslim sends another or 10 on his voyage to see Allah and his new goat farm.

The cream of the crop was Kerry, when he told the Syrians that the attacks from America would be pin pricks.

I dare this man to think that any American life that could be put at deaths gate has so little value but that is what he makes it look like. This has never been about the Syrian people to begin with. It’s all about power, politics and one man’s (Obama) ego. The Syrian president in several interviews told the American people if Syria was attacked that the American people would pay a high price also.

Too little too late is where we are today.

The Russians have taken control. They along with the Syrians are playing a game of delay. There is no true intent to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons by the Russians. What makes Obama think that the Russians would destroy what they gave the Syrians? There’s no benefit for Russia.

These two world leaders are playing Obama for a fool.

Robert Lee is a Rockingham business owner, a former Marine and a concerned grandfather.

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