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Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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A shadow has been cast on the competency of this administration.

This administration is littered with corruption. Fine for thee but not for me, is their motto. The chefs of this bitter dish that they are trying to serve to the people should have to eat it also. There is a total lack of common sense. Little to no leadership is the show that is playing in the theaters of this administration. The truth has come to bare fruit and that fruit is the fact that the Affordable Health Care Act is a total failure and a lie to all of the people.

How blind has Washington become? At this point they believe their own lies. Have the powers that be lost sight of why they are in office? My opinion is yes. For the most part, all of the parties have placed themselves on the tallest of peaks above the people. They all feed off the blood, sweat, and tears of the people and I mean all of us. Where you come from does not matter, what language you speak matters not. We are pawns of the elite. We are worker bees to be used to death, and we are all being used in one form or the other. This power has to be taken back from these people that would squander the wealth of this great nation.

My memory of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the early days of this fiasco known as the A.H.C.A. will haunt every man, woman and child for generations to come. That memory is one of woman with the wild glassed eyes of someone that has been overcome with the blood lust of total power. Her statement was “We have to pass it, then we can read it.”

The problem is the thing (974 pages) never got read by the people in power that should have read it. How was this possible? Had Pelosi’s brains ran out of her ears, along with all of the common sense of the entire Democratic Party in Washington? Any 18-year-old kid has enough common sense to read a contract. This contract between the people and Washington was a contract of trust. Trust in the politicians that represent the people. Or should I say that is their job description, and that is what they get paid for.

The elite of Washington have dropped the ball. This is not the first time by any means. This just happens to be the first time in our country’s history that we are at Hell’s gate. There are several paths that we can travel. The path that we are being pushed down with lies of better days for the A.H.C.A. is one. The path will come to a dark hole that we will never be able to climb out of. There are far too many problems that this administration knew about from day one when it was pushed down our throat. How was one party able to pass a law that actually needed 60 percent of the vote and not just the 51 percent of a majority? But now the chickens have come home to roost for the Democratic Party.

New problems arise every day with their system, a system that was never really tested. What will we tell the future generations about the Baby Boomers? How did we let one man’s ego destroy this great nation? This Affordable Health Care Act will be looked upon as a recipe for destruction — 500 years from now in a political history class, if there still is an America, a professor will be giving a class on how one man’s act of redistribution of wealth took American from the king of the hill to prince of the pauper nation.

You mark my words, people, we are watching this administration systematically dismember this great nation. Day by day we are being torn apart. This administration wants the back biting that is taking place to continue. What better way to control the people?

We have a man in office that says the American people are not exceptional. That’s his warped opinion. I don’t care what race, creed or color you are. If you can call yourself an American citizen, you are exceptional. No man should be judged by his race or color, but be judged by our being exceptional. We are that bright beam of light that shines through the darkness of a world gone mad.

For this man to make light of our great country is incorrigible. We are the world. America is made up of people from all over this world. We as a country are truly exceptional.

Robert Lee is a Rockingham business owner, a former Marine and a concerned grandfather.

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