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By Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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The world watched as Iraq fell apart during the week and Obama did so very little. But I do have to agree with him on one point — that the Iraqis have to step up and take care of their own internal problems. Iraq’s president is the blame for where he and his country are today.

None of our troops should be put in harm’s way, not at this point. It is up to the people of the region to step in and do what is needed for the safety of the region as a whole.

Obama showed little to no leadership with this problem — one that is not going away anytime soon. A true leader would have stayed in Washington and tried to work something out with the other leaders of the region. He cannot drag his feet on this, decisions have to be made, and made soon.

But not Obama, this man’s abilities to be a true president does not exist. This man is no more than a community organizer and a well-versed speaker at best.

He came into office at a time when the country was war-weary and wanted true change. It just never happened, and it never will. With the world in the middle of a major International crisis, why would this man take a four-day trip to South Dakota, then to California to fundraise for the Democratic Party?

I almost forgot about golfing, God forgive us all if he does not get his 36 holes in. While in California, he give a speech at a collage about climate change. This is all very important to him — and him alone.

What do you think the Israelis were felling and thinking about on Father’s Day weekend? It might not be Obama’s golfing. It might be that they are feeling all alone in a part of the world that wants to do nothing but destroy them. They might be thinking of the next rocket attacks that will come from Gaza.

They might be thinking of Hezbollah launching more attacks from Lebanon, with the help of Iran.

I know one thing the Israelis are not thinking about: Climate change. Or little white balls on a golf course.

The world’s safety is our own safety. If the group known as ISIS is allowed to continue its march on to the south of Iraq and take Baghdad, then Iraq will be lost.

If ISIS is allowed to control even a fraction of Iraq, then you will see the group export unbelievable terror to the entire world.

What started in Syria, Egypt and Libya will, in time, turn the entire Middle East into a training camp of total terror.

Israel will be the first of our allies to be hit, and we will do nothing to stop it. I do make you this one promise about the Israelis. They will not wait to get permission from the dear leader of the free world to fight, they will protect their people at all cost.

At that point, they will turn on Iran because they will feel that all is lost.

As Israel potentially falls, then the floodgates will open up for Jordan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

The oil fields will burn out of control, for radical Islam knows that the West cannot survive without oil. Oil is the lifeblood for all of the industrialized nations of the world.

That will start the collapse of the world’s economy.

America thinks that what happens all around the world cannot ever happen here. Open your eyes.

We have no true idea of what is coming across our border to the south, and I am not talking about South Carolina.

Border guards are now no more than babysitters, changing diapers and making meals for all these people. These people and their children have been told the border is open, and you will not be turned back.

Is this just an illusion, to take our manpower away from their true job of protecting the border? It has been proven that there are more than just Hispanics coming across the border.

Some of you will say that I have read too many books and watched too many movies. Maybe I have.

But maybe, just maybe I have my eyes and ears open and see what some do not.

I pray to God that I am wrong.

One morning almost 13 years ago on 9/11, we here on the East Coast woke up to a beautiful Tuesday morning with blue skes. By 10 a.m. that day, our world was changed forever.

Have we forgotten so soon? Will we one day in the near future pay an even higher price, all because we did not think, again, that there was such evil on this earth?

I fear that they will not come after the hard targets, but instead exploit the soft underbelly of the country. They will pick soft spots that never prepared. I fear that they will go after our children and the schools.

You have to be harder than your enemy. Radical Islam knows this. Obama’s view of the world is of a perfect world with perfect people — people who look up to him. This is just not the case. The world looks down upon him as being a weak leader with no backbone.

I do not dislike this man as a human being. I just have no faith in his abilities to be a world leader. I say no more than what other world leaders themselves have stated.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo.

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