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By Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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People willing to work for what they need and what they want will suffer the burden of their labor. They will take deep pride in their achievements — and what their labor has given them in return.

People lazy in their life will be lazy in their labor. These people will never give back more than they take. These people live among us, they take from our labor. They take because the system — not we, the people — allows this. The people have been forgotten; we, the labor of our country. The people have allowed the few in office to have power over our daily life.

The point that I try to bring out is this: The working class are looked down upon by the elite. Not only the governmental elite, but the elite of corporate America. We are looked upon as nothing more than serfs and pawns by these people. Just warm bodies to do their bidding and nothing more.

One such example is the way our young military men and woman are wasted.

Who we have in office as president is a man with no vision and little to no leadership ability. There has never been a good war, a kind war or an intelligent war. The past two wars, some will say, did not have to take place. I am no one to say yea or nay. They happened and there is no going back. Our young have bled far too much for no more than what we gained. Our country’s debt from these two wars has been overwhelming — $2 trillion in Iraq alone. The nation as a whole has paid too high of a price in blood, tears and wealth.

I said it one time before: If you’re invited to a barbecue, make sure you’re not the pig. Now again, we the American people are being grilled by most of the world.

ISIS is at the head of the table. We have allowed the politicians in Washington — rather than the field commanders — to run our military. More than a year ago, this administration was told what was coming out of Syria into Iraq. Seven months ago, Obama remarked, “They’re just a junior varsity team.” Now he states his intelligence officers let him down. No, Obama has let down an entire nation.

This administration seems to be gliding through the years with a truly infuriating level of ease and grace. Or so it seems, with truly nothing getting done other than campaigning for funds. How in the world can we step back and away from Iraq at this point? I do say no ground troops. We have an army in the Kurds. They can fight; they want to fight, so give them the means to fight. We must arm these people. They are our last hope in the entire region. If the Kurds fall, then Iraq will fall. This will lead the whole region into war.

If it spills into Kuwait, then Saudi Arabia, the whole of the Middle East will fall into total chaos. We have an amateur in office. This man cannot just sit back and wait.

What Obama said in an interview was delusional at best. He said the world was safer now than it has ever been, less violent, healthier, and that we were more prosperous and basically everything was great.What Loony Tunes show was he watching?

But this has been par for course for almost all of the last six years of his administration. I forgot he found out about ISIS from the media at the same time as we the people did. If this man is out of the loop within his own administration, as he states, then he is incompetent. I think he likes the perks of being the imperial leader of the free world, but not the details of doing his job. If he does not step up and do his job, all of America will pay for his lack of ability to have any foreign policy on this new war with ISIS. They must be stopped now, not later.

This cancer that ISIS is will slowly eat away at the region, and then the world. One day in this country, we will see radical Islamic suicide teams. Mark my words. They will bring pure terror to this America of ours. We will see firsthand what the Israelis have endured for more than 50 years.

Obama has made himself look indecisive and shows America in a light of having no true leadership. This administration’s misguided policies around the world makes us appear weak to our enemies. This man has drawn too many red lines only to back down on every one of them. The weakness and indecision that he has shown with Syria, Putin and now ISIS will cost America and our allies for years on the world stage.

We must be willing to fight all comers. We do not live in a peaceful world with peaceful people. We live in a world where madness reigns. If America fails, what will the world look like? Can you imagine the world being run by China or Russia ? We would have no hope for peace in the world. Think about the world being ruled by ISIS and radical Islam. Look at the picture in your mind — there would be true horror in the streets of America.

Without America in the lead, all is lost for the free world. So just sit back and say nothing, America.I cannot and will not be silent. The only thing anybody can do to me is kill me and eat me. I make you this one promise: I’ll give you worms, so try me.

I do not like the idea of our country being the 911 for the world; the cop on the block. But guess what? We took that job 70 years ago and we are stuck with it. We have to stand tall.

To hell with the olive branch, give America a big stick. That big stick is called troops, with orders to kill and win at the cost of our enemies. If you are not with us, then you are against us. The ones who claim to be our friends will have to step up with more, lots more. Their troops, their money, their blood and tears.

If we have to go it alone, then that is what we have to do. No more playing nice. From now on, if we have to fight you and kill you, then we keep the spoils of war — it’s that simple. We all know where we are today is because of power and oil. So if we have to bleed, then let’s get something out of it. Your enemy should fear you, not love you. If radical Islamic jihadists kill one of our troops, then we kill 100 of them or more.

On Aug. 19, we saw cowards hiding behind masks behead journalist James Foley with unbelievable brutality. If we do not eradicate all terrorists, this barbaric behavior will be even more common. This type of behavior can not be allowed to stand in a free world. We cannot give in to these animals. We must give back even more horror to them. If we do not, then we will wither on the vine.

At this point in my life, all I want is peace and quiet; most people want the same. I also want this for the world.

Radical Islam is not going to allow this. It must be stopped and stopped as soon as possible. ISIS’ vision of the world is the enslavement of the Christian world. Furthermore, its goal is to fly its flag over the entire United States of America. Their dream is of a United States of ISIS.

My vision of what will come for this great nation is bleak at best. But it is not set in stone.

Rise up, American patriots! We have an enemy of the Constitution in office. Let’s put America back at the head of the table while we still can.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo.

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