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By Robert Lee Contributing columnist

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The current crowd in Washington must fulfill its responsibility to meet the people’s needs as soon as possible. The near future is bringing intellectual challenges for which a mind tied up in unfinished business will be of little help.

In order to regale the people with your accomplishments, you have to have some first. This is only accomplished , as I see it now, when all the parties get something of value. That value comes from the labor of the working class — our money.

But to get to this point, officials have played the game of “ you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.” These politicians have become masters of manipulation, some better than others. Their bank accounts prove that.

Unacquainted with the rules of polite political conversation, there are those of us who simply haven’t been taught which topics to avoid. Some will say that you have to take the reins and steer away from religion, politics, health problems and the like. Tell me why? It affects us all.

Knowledge-seeking and choosing topics of conversation well should be the order of the day. There are some kinds of learning that bring no joy, but you cannot avoid these lessons.

Knowledge cannot bring the peace of mind that comes from wisdom. Wisdom comes from a wide variety of accomplishments, that have had a positive outcome. I fail to see these completed responsibilities and no accomplishments for the people.

So comes into play the lack of wisdom of the entire administration, not just the king of the hill but his entire court of jesters, playing with time and people’s lives. Time wasted in endless meetings with no results. It just seems like nothing gets done.

This is how I feel: I’m in a car, on a crowded highway. The accelerator is stuck and I’m flying down the highway. I see the cliff. That’s the crazy part — I see what’s coming, all in slow motion, and there’s not a thing I can do about it.

That cliff is the drop-off point for this entire nation. It does not have to be that way. We can make a stand in November and start a new road to recovery. This must be done for the country as a whole, but moreso for the generations to come.

I understand this administration’s desire to have a reliable health care program for the country and its people. Truly this is a must for all people.

My only problem is that it has been a madding, sickening love affair that resulted in a marriage that ended with the divorce of the people from the president. Faith in his word has been lost.

We are a forgiving people. But don’t keep telling us “ you’re going to like this.” The administration’s gotten one over on us a few times, but the party is about over, and it’s time for a lot of them to go home — or just go away.

Space and freedom are essential to the health of the nation’s relationship to its government. Trust in the ones who represent you is also essential.

Recent figures show the people have more trust in our military than they have in the government. What does that tell you? Open up your eyes, people. If the president were genuinely interested in the people and the military, these numbers would not reflect these feelings of mistrust.

It’s not just a bunch of negativity, it’s pure fact that this is how far too many fell. I’ve never been to a party in which the host midway through started to clarify boundaries and expectations. This administration’s party has degenerated to the point of being one-sided entertainment for the exalted host and his entourage alone.

The littlest people are the ones who believe there is such a thing as little people. Truly important people treat everyone with respect. Those who are nasty to their underlings are suffering from low self-esteem. Look what the little people in “Gulliver’s Travels” did for the perceived giant that Gulliver was.

There is a fountain of information of all types that is being collected for this administration . The government has the NSA; we have every man, woman, and child who sees what is taking place in this country today. You can only push the “little people” so far, for we are the ones who have the true power.

Governments throughout all of human history have come and gone. Some have flourished and served their citizens well. But far too many have failed, and for several reasons. One of the main reasons was the treatment of the common man and woman, the working class, the backbone of every country. Will we fail?

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo.

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