‘Supermom’ juggles kids, jobs

By Katey Smith - For the Daily Journal

Contributed photo ‘Supermom’ Jo Crawford juggles multiple jobs while raising three children.

HAMLET — Being a single mom of three and juggling multiple jobs is hard work, but Jo Crawford makes it look like a walk in the park.

Crawford is a 52-year-old “Supermom” from the outskirts of Bar Harbor, Maine.

Before moving to North Carolina, she went to the University of Maine and earned a bachelor’s degree in history, and also has an associate degree in culinary arts.

Crawford lives with her three children — Chris, Stephanie and Madeline — along with their abundance of pets.

When Crawford isn’t with her family at home, she’s most likely working away, and enjoying every second of it. She works at Pinnacle Family Services as a recruiter, where she trains people to be foster parents for therapeutic foster children.

She also works at Walmart, giving food samples to shoppers as they pass by, and marketing firm. And on top of that, she also is a mystery shopper, posing as just another person, but in reality, is evaluating the customer service and experience as a whole.

“I love all my jobs” she said.

What motivates her?

“Watching my kids accomplish stuff,” she said. “When they figure stuff out on their own, or when we are talking and laughing…It makes me glad I am a mom.”

Proudest moment?

“When my super-shy younger sister was pinned as a nurse! I don’t think she ever knew what an amazing and talented person she was.”

Biggest Influence?

“My parents, individually and together,” she voiced. “I was never as calm and accepting as my mother and in that she was my biggest influence. My father was a great influence to me, because he never accepted defeat. He used to quote Churchill — ‘never give up’ — and I try to live by that.”

How does she unwind?

“Reading a good mystery book or watching one on TV.”

Future goals?

“Watch all of my kids graduate from college, or become satisfied and successful in their favorite jobs.”

Crawford also wants to travel more.

“I lived in Paris ages ago,” she said, “and I want to go back!”

Katey Smith is a summer intern for the Daily Journal and a rising senior at Richmond Senior High School. Notable Neighbors is a series of personality profiles featuring Richmond County residents from all walks of life.


Contributed photo ‘Supermom’ Jo Crawford juggles multiple jobs while raising three children.
http://yourdailyjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/web1_neighbor_jo.jpgContributed photo ‘Supermom’ Jo Crawford juggles multiple jobs while raising three children.

By Katey Smith

For the Daily Journal

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