Assault leads to 3 Taser stuns

By Corey Friedman

August 25, 2014

A hammer-wielding woman was stunned with a Taser three times after advancing on a Chesterfield County deputy and dousing her with hair gel, according to a sheriff’s office report.

Stacey Michelle Tarliton, 42, of Saddlebrook Road near Cheraw, is accused of scratching and clawing Deputy Lynsee Caulder with her fingernails while Caulder attempted to restrain the suspect at her home Aug. 15.

Caulder was dispatched to the house to investigate a domestic dispute between Tarliton and her mother. The complainant said her daughter was manic and had begun hammering holes in the wall after she told her to clean her room.

While Caulder spoke with the mother, Tarliton began yelling and swearing at the deputy and walked into the room carrying newspapers and a hair weave. She also was “holding a hammer in a threatening stance,” according to an incident report.

Tarliton refused to put the hammer down and began swinging it at Caulder, the report states. Caulder snatched the hammer away from Tarliton and tossed it out the front door onto a chair.

Tarliton threw “an open jar containing a jelly-like substance” later identified as hair gel at Caulder, staining her uniform and duty belt, the report states.

Caulder stunned Tarliton with the Taser, but the probes entered her clothing only and did not make contact with her skin, according to the report. Tarliton swung her arms, disconnecting the wires from the probes, and Caulder had to retrieve the probes from her clothing.

Caulder placed the probes back in the Taser cartridge, re-holstered the stun gun and grabbed Tarliton to restrain her. Tarliton fought the deputy, grabbing her and digging her fingernails into Caulder’s skin, the report states.

The deputy deployed her Taser and did a three-second drive stun into Tarliton’s left thigh. Tarliton grabbed the neckline of Caulder’s shirt and broke her necklace.

A second drive-stun was unsuccessful, Caulder wrote in the report. Backup arrived and sheriff’s Lt. Wayne Jordan ordered Tarliton to get on the ground.

When Tarliton refused to cooperate, Caulder executed another drive stun and made brief contact, according to the report. Jordan was then able to handcuff Tarliton.

Deputies took Tarliton to Chesterfield General Hospital because she was complaining of difficulty breathing and appeared to have an altered mental state.

Tarliton was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer. Bond information was not provided.