LETTER: Fading signs reflect poorly on our community

Letter to the editor

July 7, 2014

To the editor:

I am aware that with cataracts, I don’t see as well as I used to do.

However, even close up, I cannot read the state directional sign at the corner of Fayetteville Road and Richmond Road.

This is one of many such signs still around Richmond County that have seen better days.

Apparently the N.C. Department of Transportation is short of funds when it comes to signs.

The green street signs around Rockingham are maintained by the city of Rockingham.

But non-residents coming through Rockingham might think the city is not good at maintaining its signs when it sees a state sign that looks like the one mentioned.

Therefore, the sign is a reflection on Rockingham — not the state as it should be.

Rockingham is not shoddy and should not have to endure the unsightly and useless excuse for a directional sign at this location and others.

Perhaps the state has concluded that everyone now has a GPS in their vehicle to tell them where to go. Well, I don’t.

Even if I did, the sign still needs to go or be replaced, in my fading viewpoint.

Tom MacCallum