Readers weigh in on new Rockingham restaurant

The Daily Journal

June 30, 2014

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On state Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam’s comments comparing homosexuality to pedophilia in a debate over whether charter schools should be able to discriminate based on sexual orientation:

He needs to join the 21st century.

Pam Hogan

Must be a moron. These days, that label applies to both parties.

Andy Taylor

I read the article and I’m not taking up for him, but I believe that he was trying to define what the law would actually be when referring to the term “sexual orientation.” It appeared that he was asking, ‘Does it include this or this, or just the two kinds of orientation that we normally think of?’ It sounded like his question was whether these orientations were included in this. I could be wrong, but that is how I read it.

Amy Maples Terry

On The Villager Deli of Pinehurst announcing plans to open a second location across from Discovery Place Kids in downtown Rockingham:

Richmond County — I’m talking to the ones in high places: Y’all have been saying this was coming. Another place that’s not bringing jobs for more than 3,000 people. Y’all are dirty and a joke. What about letting something come here that’s going to put money in our pockets instead of yours? It’s bad enough a lot of us can’t afford to take our kids to Discovery Place Kids. Now something else is coming we can’t afford.

Alisha Calhoun

Hmm…We are pretty poor folks and we can afford Discovery Place Kids every once in a while. I’m thankful businesses are coming to Richmond County!

Teresa Marie Thompson

This is great news. We really need new restaurants, as well as new retail, to breathe new life into our local economy. Starting small is better than no start at all!

Dana Wyand Rodgers

They serve great sandwiches, burgers ,salads and more. Rockingham needs a nice deli and The Villager Deli will thrive there. Thumbs up to (owner) Koley (Keel)!

Jeannie Gentry