What you said

March 26, 2014

The Richmond County Daily Journal launched a new website on Tuesday that aims to improve interaction with readers, increase download times and present a cleaner, more user-friendly look compared to the previous website.

Haven’t seen it yet? Log on to and check it out. Meanwhile, read what early website viewers have had to say about it, as posted on The Daily Journal’s Facebook page.

“I like it.”

— C.J. Smith

“Vastly improved!” Loads much better on my mobile device! Haven’t checked it yet on my PC, but I’m sure it’ll be good as well. Great job!”

— Doug Quick

“Great improvement.”

— Marc Baysek

“Can we use the word ‘awesome’”?

— Wayne Moss

“I love it. Bright, cheery and easy to navigate. Woot woot!!”

— Vanessa Lapre

“It’s a huge improvement over the last effort.”

— Greg McNair