You are special

Howard Richardson Contributing Columnist

March 13, 2014

You are special because, like a diamond, you are rare and few.

You are special because you are like a master key, always there to open the gates of happiness.

You are special because I am tell you. You are.

You are a special person that when I look back in my life and see that it was you that was always there.

And it is never too late to tell that person that they are very special to you.

When makes you special is that you think of others before yourself.

You are special because you are you.

You are special because you never ask but are always there to give and never ask in return.

Always first there and always last to leave.

And special because like a diamond, always shining on others.

You are special to me because of your love for your fellow human being.

But most of all you are special because God made you that way, and nothing can change that.

* * *


I love grits cooked, baked or fried.

I love grits with salt and pepper.

I want some butter, too.

I love grits with eggs and sausage.

And some red eye gravy.

I love grits morning, noon and night.

I guess you could say I love grits any old way.

But most of all I love G.R.I.T.S.

Girls Raised in the South!

Howard Richardson is author of the book, “My Life Retold.” He lives in Rockingham.