Snow melts, hearts warm for Valentine’s Day

By Amanda Moss

February 14, 2014

Amanda Moss

EAST ROCKINGHAM — Flowers and gifts are still going out despite the icy weather.

More than 100 flowers had been delivered by midday on Friday from Boe’s Florist in East Rockingham.

“Valentine’s Day is like the Super Bowl for the flower world,” said Eric Snipes as he prepared an arrangement of roses.

Snipes initially was unsure how the day would go as far as deliveries were concerned, and the addition of snow definitely made it a challenging day for him and the others working at the shop.

“I figured it would be busy today,” Snipes said. “There are some that have waited until today to get their gifts because they haven’t been able to get out due to the snow.”

Snipes himself had some troubles while making a run to Ellerbe to deliver flowers.

“I actually got stuck trying to make some deliveries,” Snipes said. “Thank goodness there was a man going by that helped pull me out. That was the only big issue, but I have been slipping and sliding on some of the back roads.”

The small shop filled to the brim as people continuously came in and out to purchase flowers, balloons and gifts.

“We have a lot of repeat buyers,” Snipes said. “So that really helps us out.”

The shop is a family owned and operated place. Boe Snipes, owner, gets the whole family involved in helping out when things get busy.

“We’ve been here for 41 years,” Boe Snipes said. “And I know it’s because of the family working together like this.”

Laura Snipes Clark, volunteer and also Boe’s daughter, had been there all day making sure things got out and taken care of.

“We’re still out making deliveries despite the weather,” Clark said. “The hardest thing has been getting to the homes. Most driveways are still slick even though the main roads are clear. The customers have been very understanding about the delay. We’ll still be open tomorrow (Saturday) selling some more roses and making more deliveries.”

Carolyn Blue, owner of Hamlet’s Florist and Gifts, knows first hand how dangerous it has been getting around to make deliveries to customers.

“I almost slipped myself just walking around,” Blue said. “But we’ve been making deliveries all around the area.”

Blue stayed at the shop until 2 a.m. on Friday finishing the last of her prepaid items. Blue had to get assistance from the Hamlet Police Department in order to get home, but she wanted to be sure that all the work was done.

“We had to make sure that those were finished and ready to be delivered,” Blue said. “Rain, sleet or snow we get those delivered as best we can.”

Blue’s customers, like Snipes’, have been very understanding with any delay.

“We had some deliveries for the night shift at Perdue,” Blue said. “They were closed, so a lot of the workers volunteered to come by and pick up their gifts.”

Snipes was simply grateful the snow came a few days before, and not on, Valentine’s Day.

“At least now with it starting to go away we can get back to doing our jobs,” Snipes said.