City draws 8 bids to raze Steele building

By Matt Harrelson

January 23, 2014

Matt Harrelson

ROCKINGHAM — A total of eight bids all with a difference of $168,000 from high to low were opened on Thursday at City Hall in downtown Rockingham.

The bids were placed for the demolition of the Steele building, located across the street from Discovery Place KIDS, and the reconstruction of a facility that will be part cafeteria for visiting groups and part restaurant. A $475,000 grant from the Cole Foundation is funding the project.

Mayor Steve Morris said he believes the grant will be enough to fund both demolition and construction of the new facility.

Construction companies from Rockingham as well as Monroe, Lumberton and surrounding areas submitted their bids in sealed envelopes to Joe Hatem, an architect for WHN Architects in Charlotte. Hatem read aloud the names and license numbers for all eight companies as well as their base bid prices and the three unit prices. The unit prices, known as P1, P2 and P3, represent the micro piers that will go into the ground in three separate locations on the plans.

Hatem also added that a required 5 percent bid bond was received with the eight bids.

The low bid of $952,907 was submitted by Carpenter Construction Company, of Oakboro. The remaining seven bids included: Player, Inc., Fayetteville, $969,000; WC Construction, Winston Salem, $978,250; Southern Builders, Rockingham, $1,017,998; Black Contracting, Monroe, $1,025,900; Cadet Construction Company, Raleigh, $1,065,544; Hawks Builders, Rockingham, $1,078,962; and Kevin Jacobs General Contracting, Lumberton, $1,120,635.

Staff will evaluate each of the eight bids and are expected to recommend to the City Council to approve the best low bid received. Officials also hope to begin the demolition and construction process by late spring.