A barkin’ good time

By Lisa Rushing

January 22, 2014

Lisa Rushing

ELLERBE — Dogs of Ellerbe officially have a new hangout spot to have a barkin’ good time that includes treats.

Sissy’s Pet Grooming officially opened on Dec. 3, and owner Angela “Sissy” Davis said the community has been quite welcoming and supportive.

“Ellerbe has really supported me,” Davis said.

Sissy’s has been busy since opening, averaging roughly 10 dogs per week. Fortunately, Davis has Katherine Perez as a second groomer and to provide help with the larger dogs.

“It takes a lot to scrub a big dog,” Davis said.

Grooming is not easy. The client — Fido, Rufus or Garth — can move around and sometimes things can simply get a bit messy.

“You have to respect the groomer that’s for sure,” Davis said.

It may not be easy, but it’s definitely about the love.

“I wanted somewhere where somebody could bring a dog and drop it off, and feel that it’s going to be loved just as much as it is at home.”

Davis realized two years ago when her boxer, Jack, passed away that she wanted to work with animals.

“If you look into their eyes, they’ll tell you a story. They have personality.”

Davis had just finished a grooming class at Richmond Community College when she drove by the “for lease” sign in front of the building, located at 2024 Main St.

“Here’s my sign,” Davis thought as she passed by the highly visible location.

Davis does not have a business background but utilizes positive thinking.

“It takes a lot for somebody to jump out there and put a business together and want it to succeed,” she said.

After leasing the building, Davis remodeled it to include new floors and walls. The facility is also equipped with 300 pound limit tub. Her future plans include a boarding facility at her home in Ellerbe.

Sissy’s offers grooming services for all breeds. Cat baths also are available. Additional services Sissy’s offers include cleaning of ears, flea dip, nail polish, teeth brushing and medicated washes. For the prissy dog, accessories are optional.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 910-652-0077.