Top stories of 2013

December 27, 2013

In March of this year, the Richmond County Board of Education sold the Leak Street School to the Leak Street Alumni for $10. The idea then was for the center to become a hotbed of community activities.

In February, Discovery Place KIDS opened in downtown Rockingham. In July, Richmond County government assumed control of the Richmond County Animal Shelter from the Humane Society of Richmond County, and there now exists a partnership in which the county handles the in-take process and the humane society coordinates adoptions.

On the entertainment and tourism side, we suffered through the expected news that the Rockingham Speedway would be left completely off any portion of the NASCAR circuit. It sure is a letdown for racing fans in our region — but is the story worthy of being in the top 10?

Throughout the year, stories were reported in The Daily Journal that had a significant impact on the lives of county residents. Many of these stories will continue on into 2014 and beyond — the sheriff’s office has agreed to assume animal control duties and our guess is there will be a few more changes to the relationship between the entities involved.

This week, The Daily Journal’s editor and three reporters are working to compile an impactful, and hopefully entertaining, list of stories of the year. We started with a list of more than 40 stories — all but one of them written by Journal staff. Then we brought it down to 18.

On Tuesday, we’ll explain how we came about the list as well as how we whittled it down to a Top 10. We’ll publish that list of stories in Tuesday’s edition — something to occupy your breakfast, lunch or dinner until you depart for your personal New Year’s Eve plans. We might even publish a few “honorable mention” stories — those that didn’t quite make the cut but deserve acknowledgement just the same.

This is a fun part of the job in a newsroom, but it’s also an important one. As the editorial staff in any newsroom, we need to know where we’ve been in order to keep in an eye on where we are going.