Hamlet church adding community facility

Iris Hunter Richmond County Daily Journal

September 10, 2013

On Monday, Hamlet city officials, members of the community and others attended a ground-breaking ceremony for a new community center.

The ceremony was at Prayer and Faith Temple, located at the corner of Thomas and Legrand Street in Hamlet, which is adding onto its church.

Marchell David, Hamlet City Manager, was one of the officials who made comments regarding the planned facility. She stated that she was excited as well as honored to be at the ceremony. During her speech, she also mentioned that she grew up in the area and was glad to call it home.

The facility that will be added onto the church will be known as the Family Life and Enrichment Center.

“The Family Life and Enrichment center will provide mentoring for teenagers, computer training, job training, teaching people how to own their own business, Healthy Vessels programs that will teach people about diet and exercise and any other program that we can provide to assist in the growth and development of the community and the surrounding area,” said Eric M. Legrand, the pastor’s son.

“So we plan to explore all options and resources available to help those in need. We are mindful that the Lord has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others. So we have to take the positive things that we have been exposed to (and) help reach and teach others,” Legrand said.

Tommy Legrand, pastor of the church, feels that it is important to reach out and assist those in the community.

“To tell someone to do better is one thing, but to assist them and provide the facility is what I think is important,” the pastor said.

“The Family Life and Enrichment Center will be a great addition to the South Hamlet community,” said Eric Legrand. “Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for as many people as we can. We want to provide a facility to help address the physical needs of the people we come in contact with. There are a lot of good people who have hit a rough patch in their lives a need encouragement and guidance to get back on track and live a better life,” he said.

The programs that will be offered through the facility will be available to those in the community at no charge.

The facility is expected to be complete by February of next year.

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