Gibson Birthday

September 7, 2013

Caleb Ray Gibson was honored with a birthday party at Pizza Inn on July 13. Caleb turned 10 on July 8. Sonic was used as the party theme and guests enjoyed pizza, salad, and cake. Caleb is the son of James H. McDonald, Jr., and Nicki P. McDonald of Hamlet.

Helping Caleb celebrate was his sister Alexis Gibson, Great-grandparents Thomas and Tiny Parker of Cordova, Grandparents Mike and Ophelia Metropol of Cordova, Great-Unlce Bo and Aunt Connie Parker, Ted Lathan, Mrs. C. Lathan, Joanna Lathan, Sheldon, Moniqua, Ederrin, Jadan, Taria, and Lil’ Sheldon Starnes-Smith, Sharon and Lyn Coleman, Lila and Scott Lipford.

Sending gifts but unable to attend were Grandmother Mrs. Ann McDonald.