Response to ‘Then, Now’

August 30, 2013

Dear Editor,

Mr. Guinn, with regard to the $250 billion surplus that President Bush had at his disposal when he took office, the treasury cannot seem to locate the funds you have mentioned. The US Treasury, in fact, indicates that the deficit was $5.7 trillion the day President Bush took office. If you can point the treasury in the direction of that $250 billion surplus, I’m certain that they would be interested.

In all fairness, when President Bush left office, the deficit was $10.6 trillion, revealing a net increase of $4.9 trillion over two terms. President Obama took over with that $10.6 trillion deficit, and as of 8/22, the deficit grew to $16.7 trillion. In one term, plus 8 months, 13 days, the national deficit has increased by $6.1 trillion.

Where I come from, we call that a trend.

When comparing employment, a quick trip to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website reveals that the unemployment rate was at its peak during President Bush’s term the month he left office, which was 7.9 % Over the last four years, we can see that the unemployment rate spent 2 years, 5 months in the 9 % range, soared to a high of 10 %, and as of July went down to 7.4 %. Please remember, this number is not reflective of either those that stopped looking for work, or the rapid increase in those on government benefits due to stopping their job search.

Pertaining to the “sitting on” of information concerning the 9/11 attacks, are you suggesting that the entire government sat back and allowed thousands of American lives to be taken? That is very bold of you.

We could discuss irrefutable evidence of multiple requests for increased security in Benghazi, if you like…since that request actually can be substantiated.

In Columbia, SC on 3/1/2009, 2 months into President Obama’s term, regular gas was $1.68 per gallon. On a national level, the average price per gallon on the same day was $1.88.

I’m not sure who “They” are, when you refer to the “Affordable” Healthcare Act working. Forbes, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune and countless other media outlets depict a different picture. Employers are hiring as many workers into part-time status as possible, to avoid the exorbitant cost of the “Affordable” Healthcare Act.

John White