Proof that bipartisanship still exists

I ran for Congress so I could fight for the people of North Carolina’s Eighth District. Like so many of you, I felt like Washington was not listening to us and our government was at a standstill, paralyzed by partisanship and politics. Since my first days as your representative, I have worked hard to find commonsense solutions to our nation’s problems by working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

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LETTER: $15 fast-food minimum wage is unrealistic

To the editor:This is a response to John Hancock’s letter concerning fast-food pay hikes in the Sept. 19 paper.Let me begin by saying that Mr. Hancock’s thoughts are well-intentioned, but absolutely unobtainable and impossible to come to fruition. Of course it is a honorable to advocate for higher wages, however, there are many factors to consider and examine before wages across the board can be raised. I will address as best I can the points...

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The cost of censorship

Finally, a week not to be celebrated with glee.We’re talking, of course, about Banned Books Week, which began Sunday and runs through Saturday. It’s a time not for toasts or cheers — far from it. This is a week to remember some of the darker actions of censorship taken against intellectual freedom in the names of everything from the vague “community standards” to our more modern urge for political correctness.The list of books banned over th...

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Signs of suicide clearer in hindsight

I awoke this morning to panic and bewilderment. The bewilderment was due to the panic of the bewilderment, and not knowing what was taking place in my mind in those first microseconds of being awake.The panic of being late for work, the panic of being late for a doctor’s appointment. But this panic was tenfold. Panic intertwined with true fear — fear of the unknown. Panic that took away all rational thought, if for only the microseconds that I speak of.

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LETTER: The case for fast-food pay hikes

To the editor:This refers to the Sept. 13 editorial published in the Richmond County Daily Journal.Initially, let me state that I understand the editor’s position as he represents management and the benefits associated therewith. I, on the other hand, have been a lifelong advocate for the worker; accordingly, my opinion leans to the worker. Correspondingly, I also understand and recognize the value of management’s position. I am an arbitrator...

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LETTER: Share North Carolina’s charm with a California student

To the editor:My name is Breanne Wise, and I am in fifth grade. I attend Brethren Heritage School in Modesto, California.We are doing state reports this year in our history class. I have chosen to do my report on your state of North Carolina.If you should happen to read this in your local newspaper, I would greatly appreciate receiving any information or items regarding your state. You could send pictures, tourist attraction information, trivi...

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Applying new lessons from old wars to ISIS

At the end of a two-day conference about World War I at UNC-Chapel Hill, I asked a leading military historian what approach he would recommend to the United States to deal with the challenge of ISIS.I will tell you about his response in a minute.The World War I conference was one of a series of planned events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of that Great War and to learn what lessons might help us deal with present-day challenges.There are plenty of such ...

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Clean drinking water shouldn’t be taken for granted

The coal ash problem in North Carolina was here long before the Dan River spill in February. This is a decades-old problem — one that should not take decades to correct.Senate Bill 729, the Coal Ash Management Act of 2014 passed, making North Carolina the first state to adopt a comprehensive plan to clean up its coal ash dumps. I voted for the bill. It is a good first step. However, it goes neither far enough nor fast enough. The Yadkin-Pee River is the lifeline for this regi...

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OUR VIEW: Americans frightened by freedom?

As Islamic State militants slaughter civilians and decapitate prisoners of war in gruesome videos posted online for the world to see, some of us are more likely to balk when fellow Americans exercise their rights in controversial ways.The 2014 State of the First Amendment survey suggests terrorism makes us less likely to defend and perhaps more likely to censor speech and expression that offends others. Nearly four in 10 Americans (38 percent) believe the First Amendment goes too f...

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The mill, the rattlesnake and the radiator

Last week, I told you a little about old grist mills and how most are of a bygone era. This week, I’m going to tell you a true story about the creepy crawling things that still hang around these old mill sites.Why, as well as I can remember, this here story took place on a Saturday, on the first day of squirrel season back in the early ’70s. Just so happened a couple of my hunting buddies and I decided we’d go a-squirrel hunting and kill us a mess for supper.

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LETTER: Show your support for parks and rec project

To the editor:Signs began popping up around Richmond County over the weekend, and soon they will be joined by billboards and direct mail: “Vote Yes for Parks and Rec,” and “Vote Yes for Jobs and Growth.”On Nov. 4, voters in Richmond County will have the opportunity to approve a quarter-percent increase in local sales tax, with the extra money helping fund a new, state-of-the-art complex for baseball, softball and soccer, while als...

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OUR VIEW: Birth of an anthem

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In 1814, a lawyer by the name of Francis Scott Key undoubtedly considered himself in that predicament.Two hundred years ago today, Key was being held by the British Navy. A few days earlier, he and a friend voluntarily boarded a Navy vessel in an attempt to gain the release of some prisoners taken after the burning of Washington, D.C.Unfortunately for Key and his friend, while they made headway on gaining freedom for an elderly...

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LETTER: Obama tiptoeing through the tulips with ISIS

To the editor:He doesn’t want to do anything to offend his brother Muslims. His apparent affection for them all these years reminds me so much of Tiny Tim when he sang that high-pitched song, “Knee-deep in flowers we’ll play/ We’ll keep the showers away/ So if I kiss you in the garden, will you pardon me?/ And tiptoe through the tulips with me?”That is the same way President Obama will fight our ISIS enemy. He portrays nothi...

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9/11 underscores national security needs

Last week marked a very solemn date for our nation and a stark reminder that evil exists around the world. On Sept. 11, 2001, the United States of America fell victim to the most horrific terrorist attack in our history — an attack spurred by cowardice and hatred for our way of life.Thirteen years later, we remember the innocent lives lost and the sacrifices that were made; we remember the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and despair; and we remember the heroism and cour...

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OUR VIEW: Market won’t sustain $15 fast-food wages

Fast-food workers in North Carolina and throughout the United States are trading name tags for picket signs.Protests were held last week at McDonald’s, Burger King and other large quick-service restaurants, with employees and their supporters pushing for wage increases to at least $15 an hour. In Durham, 26 people were arrested for engaging in acts of civil disobedience such as blocking public roads and sidewalks.The Fight for $15 movement comes at a time when inco...

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