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Defying terrorists with a new limb, renewed hope

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I first saw fear in a mother’s face in Belfast. Her daughter’s school was next door to a building that had just been fire-bombed by terrorists. The children had been evacuated just in the nick of time, but the mother’s voice, even her hands, still quivered as she recounted the close call to me.But I saw strength in another mother’s face when she was interviewed in Boston in the aftermath of the Marathon bombing last year. When I recently talked to that mother — Kris Biagiotti—I heard even stronger resolve in her voice as she spoke of handicapped children and how hospitals, firemen, and people like you and me can help them. And defy terrorists.


Cities fight to maintain control from state

We’ve been alarmed at many threads coursing through the General Assembly, but one of the more ironic has been the Republican majority’s efforts to circumscribe and undermine city governments.The legislative leaders make no secret of their intent to shift the balance of power in many areas more forcibly toward Raleigh - the capital, that is. The city of Raleigh is just as much in the crosshairs as Durham, Asheville, High Point — name pretty much any mid- to major c...

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Managing my garden

Come spring I always like to plant myself several gardens. Since I’ve moved, the only place I have to plant my garden is on the sides of two steep hills behind my house.In a dry spring my garden wouldn’t produce much because I didn’t have enough water pressure to reach up the hill. I have a friend who lives up in the mountains who always has the prettiest garden. I called and told him about the problems I was having with my garden and did he have any suggestions....

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Milking public education

The building stood facing me, the windows staring ahead like hundreds of scrutinizing eyes. It was larger than I thought it would be.I looked around as I dug my hands into my pockets, struggling to retain heat. Across the street was a public housing development that appeared to be shut down: broken doors, smashed windows, an overall sense of abandonment. To the left was a park, buried under feet of snow.Looking the other direction, I could see Chicago’s skyline, be...

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Vote early, vote often

We do not, of course, condone or endorse illegal voting but by use of that headline — well, we had to get your attention somehow.Now that we have it, let’s get serious for a moment. Early voting begins Thursday and lasts through 1 p.m. on May 3. Primary election day is May 6.Locally, there are two contests of interest. There are seven members vying for four seats on the Richmond County Board of Education.Candidates include incumbents Joe Richardson, Irene Aik...

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Live webstream of meetings supports idea of open government

The idea of Richmond County Board of Commissioners meetings being streamed live online is a good one, and worth the investment at a reasonable price.Add to the value of that investment a video-on-demand service of meetings stored online and accessible by anyone, anywhere at any time, and there is an idea that we can wholeheartedly support. You should, too.

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Our variety literatureland

“Variety Vacationland.” Do you remember that slogan from our state’s past?I suggest a new one: “Variety Literatureland.”In the next few weeks I plan to provide support for my suggestion in the form of books and their authors who will be appearing on North Carolina Bookwatch.First is Krista Bremer, associate publisher of The Sun, a successful national magazine, headquartered in Chapel Hill. Bremer’s essays have been published...

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National Day of Prayer on May 1

To the editor:The National Day of Prayer Committee is busy making plans for this year’s event.We will again meet on the Courthouse steps to honor the official National Day of Prayer. This day is Thursday, May 1 at 12 noon. We will have prayer, song, and testimony. I invite and encourage you to come out and support this event as we honor God.This county has been blessed as we have escaped many of the disasters that have affected our surrounding counties. ...

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The good that surrounds us

This week and next, the House is in recess so it is great to be back home in North Carolina.This past weekend I was incredibly lucky and honored to have the opportunity to serve as the grand marshall and honorary starter for the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals at the zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway. What an incredible event and such a fun day. As I said to the crowd on Sunday, I’m proud to be your Congressman which means I go up to Washington every week and tell them to kee...

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Bacon is not a vegetable

You can’t encourage other people to eat a diet that’s better for them and the planet by getting all vegangelical on them.As a vegetarian, I have to walk a fine line.Really, I’m not judging you. But I often find it necessary to establish myself as “not a threat” to meat eaters. I also occasionally bump up against militant vegans.Consider this collision I had the other day with a devout vegangelical. While at a potluck among an omni...

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A little bit of nourishment

My earliest memory happened when I was about 2 years old. I was sitting in our hallway, leaning against the wall, and feeling quite frustrated that I couldn’t get these little eggs out of a toy carton.Of course, they weren’t supposed to come out; they would have been a choking hazard.But all I knew was that I was pretending to bake, and how was I supposed to do that without proper eggs?Perhaps that moment was a sneak preview into my later years. No...

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My first wreck

I had just turned 16 years old on Dec. 24, 1956. I had to wait until Jan. 3, 1957 to get my N.C. driver’s license.I was working for my uncle at his sawmill, turning logs, moving sawed lumber from the saw, loading the lumber onto the truck to go to the lumber yard in Hamlet, which was about 6.5 miles from the sawmill. When the truck was I was to drive it to the lumber yard, unload it and get paid for the lumber.

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What you said

Readers posted online at and on The Daily Journal’s Facebook page in response to staff writer Matt Harrelson’s story on Wednesday, “Hoggard, McKenzie seek $50,000 from commissioners” to create a countywide youth football program.Here are some of the more than two dozen comments.“I like it; give the kids something to do. See if we can keep them away from negative things and give them positive people in their life.R...

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$50,000 for football? Let’s list our priorities

To the editor,The proposal by coach Paul Hoggard and Principal Keith McKenzie that Richmond County devote $50,000 of county funds to a youth football league is an interesting one, and should give us pause to consider our priorities. Once we are satisfied that our county’s fundamental needs of basic services, education, infrastructure, etc., are met, then we can turn to the wisest use of discretionary funds.

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Saying thanks is not enough

We say, “Thanks for your service,” when we met veterans of the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq veterans.They can be forgiven if they think “Thanks for your service” is an incomplete thank you, an insincere and hollow expression, showing a lack of understanding and real appreciation of what these men and women had been through.So how can we appreciate what they have done, if we have no idea about their real experiences?There is help. In 12 b...

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America’s clandestine war in Africa continues

The Washington Post reported in late March 2014, “a sharp increase in U.S. Special forces deployed to Uganda.”President Barack Obama “sent U.S. military aircraft there for the first time in the ongoing effort to hunt down warlord Joseph Kony across a broad swath of central Africa. At least four CV-22 Osprey aircraft will arrive in Uganda by midweek, along with refueling aircraft and about 150 Special Operations airmen to fly and maintain the planes.” Such is...

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