LETTER: Recreation tax just more pie in the sky

To the editor:Review: Liquor by the drink: Remember? Vote for liquor by the drink and nice restaurants will rush into Richmond County, along with nice motels, jobs created, quality of life improved. How did that work out?Now: Vote for the Rockingham Recreation Complex and jobs will be created, quality of life will be improved, the poor will be helped (how?), growth will be promoted. Implied — or was it stated? — once the complex is completed,...

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My baby brother and the trail of goop

Have you got a baby brother? I do — several of the little crumb-snatching critters. The one I’m asking about is the baby, the youngest in the family. You know the one that I’m talking about — the last of the litter. The one who should have not come along, the one way late in life for your mother. My thoughts, not hers.The one who makes you say to yourself , “What the hell was Mom and Dad thinking?” That’s just it , they were not thinking , ...

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LETTER: Anti-McLaurin mailers distort the facts

To the editor:Recently, there has been a series of ads sent by the Republican Party of North Carolina that attempts to link Sen. Gene McLaurin to CommunityOne Bank’s former troubles.These ads distort the facts in a way that gives the impression that the bank “went bust” and was involved in a criminal scheme in which Sen. McLaurin was somehow complicit. That impression is false.In order to set the record straight, we want you ...

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OUR VIEW: Utilities win, customers lose

Energy costs have a big impact on families’ bottom line. A difference of a few pennies may not seem like a lot, but psychologically, it can be. When the price of gasoline goes down, it frees up money for other purposes. And those pennies do add up.Gasoline prices in Richmond County and around the state have been falling this autumn. We’ve seen signs here advertising prices just a few cents above the $3-per-gallon threshold.A lot of factors led to lower prices...

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LETTER: Voters should resist the spread of socialism

To the editor:“Everybody eats out of the same bowl.” That’s my definition of socialism. Does anybody remember when Obama said, “You didn’t build that?” He was talking about people who had worked hard all their lives to do well in business.He was saying that they could not do one damn thing without a nanny government. I say that is bull. It was the individual American who did the work. But now Obama says they owe everyt...

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Hagan’s conflicts of interest

RALEIGH — In the homestretch of the Senate race between incumbent Kay Hagan and challenger Thom Tillis, the disclosure that Hagan’s family profited from the 2009 stimulus package she voted for has drawn a great deal of attention.Well, let me clarify that statement. It has drawn lots of attention from out-of-state media outlets and from Carolina Journal, the newspaper published by my organization. It has thus far drawn scant attention from the North Carolina press corps....

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LETTER: Dedicated detective recovers stolen ATV

To the editor:About three weeks ago, I had my all-terrain vehicle stolen from my property. If you have ever been the victim of theft, you know the feeling of being violated. What’s more, you realize the chance of having that property returned is slim to none.After unsuccessfully trying to recover it, I made the customary report to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. Within a couple hours, I was visited by Detective Mitchell Watson, who had ...

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North Carolina’s last liberal?

What was the greatest political upset in North Carolina political history?Old timers will tell you that it was Kerr Scott’s victory in the Democratic primary for governor in 1948. Scott, a dairy farmer from Alamance County, beat the favored candidate of the conservative wing of the party.Once in office, he adopted a liberal program of road paving, public school improvement and expansion of government services. Hardworking and hardheaded, plain and direct-spoken, he...

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The honeymooners meet the fire chief

You know, as I look back, it’s hard to realize my wife and I have been married for more than 45 years. My, how time do fly when you’re having fun. Why, it seems like only yesterday when we both were driving school buses.We met through a mutual friend. She was just finishing high school and I had finished two years before. She was going to Ellerbe High and I graduated from Rockingham High School.We dated for a year or so and decided to tie the knot. Why, it se...

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LETTER: City’s mistreatment of homeless not soon forgotten

To the editor:The proposed sales tax increase that will appear on the November ballot for parks and recreation sounds fantastic for our county and city. However, I do not plan to vote “yes” knowing it will be owned and operated by the city of Rockingham.Why? The city of Rockingham’s elected officials have turned our homeless people out of the city limits — out of sight, out of mind.

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LETTER: Same-sex marriage violates God’s law

To the editor:What a sad day for Richmond County and America. Same-sex marriage. How in the world did this happen? As I remember, we voted on this issue and the majority voted for an amendment that stated marriage was to be between one man and one woman. How can one judge be allowed to change that?

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LETTER: Homeless ministry embodies Jesus’ teachings

To the editor:I saw the story of the work of New Life Church for the homeless in your community. I live right outside of Charlotte and care of our homeless is ignored by our large, rich churches. It is so refreshing to see a church really following the teachings of Jesus.He was poor, lived among the poor, healed the sick, ministered to the homeless and the least of us. Jesus told us very specifically for us to treat these people just as we would Him. It ...

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LETTER: Growing government isn’t the way forward

To the editor:This letter is in reference to Kenneth Robinette’s letter to the editor in the Daily Journal on Oct. 10. It should come as no surprise that politicians typically support larger and more expansive government. It is no different in local politics. Of course our county commissioners, including their Chairman Kenneth Robinette, support the proposed parks and rec complex.

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A patient-focused Obamacare alternative

I don’t think I need to tell you that we face a lot of challenges as a nation right now. At home, wages remain stagnant while the cost of living continues to rise, leaving our families struggling to make ends meet. Abroad, we see a world descending into chaos and violence as a direct result of the administration’s failed, naive policies. We need to come together as a country, put American priorities first and find solutions to these problems.

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OUR VIEW: Sore losers

North Carolina’s top legislative leaders are fighting a losing battle, and taxpayers are still footing the bill.House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate leader Phil Berger hired a high-powered conservative lawyer this week in an ill-fated effort to stall the inevitable spread of same-sex marriage to the Tar Heel State.Chief U.S. District Court Judge William Osteen Jr. denied the motion California attorney John C. Eastman filed on the General Assembly leaders’ beh...

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